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The Value of Old

I feel there is a lot of value in vintage furniture that isn't always obvious or appreciated. Sure, we notice the color, shape, and style of a rejuvenated piece. And of course, the price. But look deeper. The real value is hidden in the craftsmanship, the dovetailed joints, the hard wood case, the actual structure of the piece. Remember, these pieces were built mostly in the USA at a time when people took pride in their work. Companies cared about value, not a quick buck. 

Buying a vintage piece of furniture is an investment not an expense. While your neighbor buys a new piece that is on the curb worthless in a few years, your furniture will not only last, but it still have value when you are finished with it. You can pass it down or even sell it recovering your original cost. 

To re-cap : better made, investment grade. Teach your friends.