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About the WHY.

So you all know what we do. But do you know WHY ? Customers ask all the time so I thought I'd share a short version of the story.

It all starts in 2003 when my children were very young. New bedroom furniture was needed. I went shopping and was very disappointed. New furniture was getting worse and worse in terms of quality. Especially in the price range I was considering. There were some really well-made pieces but the prices were way beyond my budget. All wood pieces were in the $1200 - $1500 range and we didn't want to spend $5000 for a set. 

At the opposite extreme, I searched some thrift and used furniture stores. There were some old pieces that were really solid and sturdy but they were completely out of date in terms of style and color.

I did some research, asked a lot of questions, and spoke with a bunch of people. "Was there a place where I could get well-constructed older pieces, in an up-to-date style to go with our home, for an affordable price? " NO. Everyone said NO.  I thought, " I can't be the only one who wants a place like that. There has to be demand enough to warrant a business."

So I quit my corporate-type job, rolled up my sleeves and got to work. It hasn't all been easy. Lots of peanut butter sandwiches and Oodles of Noodles for dinner in the beginning but we persevered. There have been many ups and downs, successes and mistakes, good days and awful days. But I wouldn't trade any of it for the jobs I used to have. After twelve years, we are stronger than ever. I have our awesome customers to thank for that. Looking forward to the next twelve.

So now you know the WHY behind it all. See you in the shop.